Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fight against Terrorism

It's really heart-breaking to see such terror attacks every now n then...I just tried to put my feelings into words...

Come...Let's fight Terrorism together

Yet another attack,
Yet another violence,
People facing the trauma,
and then...
there is this deep silence..

Its not just an attack on
Mumbai, Delhi or any another place or Gujrat..
Entire India is one body and
its like they are hurting is different part

Were they trying to destroy just some monuments..??
Or were they trying to hit people of high importance..??
Or was it about making the common man suffer..
and making them face all the nuisance..??

Are these terrorists the real terrorists..??
Or our security lies in wrong hands..??
Is it just the terrorists who are spreading the terrorism..??
Or is it the people in power..
who's giving air to all the assassination..??

At this point,
let's come together..
and give condolence to those
who became victim of this catastrophe..
and let's vow...
that we won't endure this discomfort anymore..
and we'll fight back strongly..
and will definately find some cure...

We can definately come back
and will come back quite srongly...
We'll definitely get victory over Terrorism..
and will make this world freefrom all the terror attacks
which are planned so dangerously..

It's high time that we should come together,
and take the responsibility in our own hand...
Try fighting terrorism on our own..
and make this country,
A very peaceful land

So, let's come together bacause together we can really make difference...


  1. Kudos... !! Great Work. But, I really wish people will come together and act now.

  2. a small and appreciable effort towards creating concerns for rising terror in the country.. hope that the voice is heard by the millions of the citizen of India and things start changing soon...

  3. touches heart!
    brilliant work...!

  4. lets work on it buddy........coz
    INDIA is asking us for it .........n we r INDIA!

  5. Gud dear, i knw i ll finish the terror by huck or cruck! so, plz cm 2gthr n do fgt against thm..........VANDE MATRAM!!!

  6. yahi to baat hai log sirf wish maang kar ghar mein baith jaate hain ........haath milane bolo to koi nahi aata.......but i m alone n i will fight alone........JAI HIND!

  7. So typographical errors to be corrected
    --> its like they are hurting IN different part
    --> and will definitely find some cure...

    Nice work

  8. dear Indians we are not hear for any compliments.... time to act now or never...ab to sab ka josh bhi thanda ho gaya hoga..fir jab kuch ho ga tab fir se sab emotional ho kar lambi lambi baatein karenge........koi really main kuch kar raha hai kya? we want to know this kuch bhi ho raha hai wo humare wajah se hi to ho raha hai kyun ki hum responsibilities lena chahte nahi aur doosron par blame dalne k siva kuch karte nahi.....socho mat .bas karo....kuch acha karo ...aage jo bhi hoga dekh lenge doston.....hum sab ek hain .ek saath aage badhna hai humein.........JAI HIND!

  9. kudos dude!!

    lets fight against terrorism!!