Sunday, October 7, 2012

About Me

Hello everyone, Myself Barun Singhania. I m a B.Tech by qualification and my field of specialization was Information Technology. I completed my engineering from B.P.Poddar Institute of Management & Technology, Calcutta under West Bengal University of Technology. I did my schooling from Dreamland School, Uttarpara(a small town in Hooghly district in WB). I know it sounds like an answer for the first question in an Interview - "Introduce Yourself".. :P

Currently, I am with Cisco Systems Inc., working as a Network Engineer. I am a Social Media addict. Please refer to this link to know more about my social presence. I like it so much that I completed my Social Media Specialist certification and now a recognized Cisco India Social Ambassador. If you are not able to find me anywhere, just ping me on Facebook or mention me in Twiiter, I'm sure you'll get a response... :)

I like spending time on TechCrunch, Lifehacker, Forbes, Fortune and several other sources, reading about the latest from both Technology and Business world. Recently, I have developed this very new interest or liking, whatever you wanna call, towards Biking. I own a Montra Jazza (street bike) and love riding early morning with my new friends who share similar interest. A big Chelsea fan who also takes interest in Cricket and TT and several other games like Snooker, Counter-Strike and Carrom. Love watching movies and TV seasons, favorites being Friends and The Big Bang Theory. During my leisure I also like to compose lyrics, the glimpse of which you will get as u scroll down this page.

Not an avid book reader but still like them while travelling. Have read some of them, like Five Point Someone, One night @ Call Centre, You can Win -Shiv Khera, Angels and Demons.

My favorite activity being SLEEPING, once I slept for a record-breaking 23 hours at a stretch.

My Compositions

As I mentioned earlier I'm also into composing Lyrics, here are few you may go through:

I remember when I composed my first song, I went to a friend of mine(Debdip) with the same. He is a great musician. We used to call him the D.R. Rahman of our College. He really encouraged me and asked me to compose another song for which he said he'll give music. And then I came out with this :

आवारा समझो,
या पागल समझो,
या फ़िर समझो मुझे तुम दीवाना,
तू भले ही मुझे अब अपना न माने,
पर तुझे मैंने अपना माना...

जिस दिन से मैंने तुझको जाना,
तुझको मन से अपना माना,
तू ही अब मेरी जीवन ज्योति,
तुझे ही इसे अब है जलाना,
गर तू इसे ना जलाती है,
तो फ़िर मैंने मर जाना,
सच कह रहा हूँ इसे झूठ न समझो...

Repeat 1st para...

तुझको पहली बार देखा तो,
भूल गया मैं सारा ज़माना,
तेरी अदाओं का बन गया कायल,
और तेरे चेहरे का दीवाना,
दिन भर भटकता हूँ,
तुझे धुन्धता हूँ,
कहे मुझे पागल सारा ज़माना,
मेरे इस पागल प्यार को समझो...

Repeat 1st para....

Another one...It's called "GIVE ME A BREAK"....

Give Me A Break

Please give me a break

From this busy life
Please give me a break..
From the life's every odd surprise
Please give me a break..

From all the false emotions
Please give me a break..
From any materialistic attraction
Please give me a break..

From this grieved heart
Please give me a break..
From the life's saddest part
Please give me a break..

From this long tiring journey
Please give me a break..
From so much of scrutiny
Please give me a break..

From this prolonged silence
Please give me a break
From this persistent quietness
Please give me a break

I want my mouth to shout
I want my eyes to see
I want my ears to perceive
I want myself to live

No more false emotions
No more false reck
Free me from all this
Please give me a break

Hope you liked it. Plz Plz Plz do leave some comments(good or bad) on this blog. it'll be really encouraging and highly appreciated.

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  1. Koi comment hi nahi karta...kya karun....Isliye khud hi kar diya...Gr8 Blog buddy...

  2. Hey...godd have scope for improvement :)

  3. u have not paid me enough to do lipservice in this portion bt still..i think u desrve an applause...being such a dumbass and good-for-nothing personality...u have done so well till now...i wonder how.....hehehehe..jokes aprt...kudos to the work and stunned by your scope-for-improvent poetry...hatts off to ur creation !!

  4. gr88 wrk man...
    u really r a multi talented prsn.
    i ws awed by ur lists f achievements...
    n ur poetry/shayari is amazing..wl luk 4wrd 2 seeing sum more..keep up the gud wrk..
    n hope 2 c ur achievmnts list increasin 4 sure

  5. gud work.. keep it up... but i think u've better compositions which u can post here..

  6. "Creativity is thinking up new things.Innovation is doing new things."....both r in u!!! :-)
    Gud Work Varun...
    Sweet poetry and gud participation in ur work....
    Expecting leadership qualities 4m u...
    Looking forward to see that ur list goes on and on and on...
    Keep it up...

  7. Nice work done.....

    gud keep it up..

  8. Wow... Nice stuff...
    Yaar tu toh bada intelligent aur creative nikla...
    Maine tujhe bada under-estimate kiya... lolzzzz...;)
    Keep rocking buddy..!!!

  9. kya baat hai sirjee.....composition n all...4 whom ws d 1st composition ha???
    n e ways jokes apart- really good work....lovely compositions...keep up d good work!!!

  10. Ur poems rather your thoughts... are just so good.. and that Poem in English.... Clap-Clap :) :)
    Keep updating your blog :)
    Good going dude ;)

  11. nice blog sir .......... kaafi achhe poet ho aap nd movies k case me to choices kaafi milti hai.........

  12. bhaiya, truly, aap ne dil-se likha hai! Keep them coming!

  13. ek aap hi bhaiya ho jo mere sabse close ho aur jinke sath mei sabkuch share karta hu aur karta rahunga....
    par aapne mujhe hio nahi bataya ki aap likhe bhi ho...
    sach mei yaar ek ek words dil se hi nikla hai.. so meaningful...n cn b easily jammed wid muzic... htaz off bahiya.... :-)

  14. good effort... cud have been better wid some real mirch masalas... shud not b so "all praise 4 oneself".. kuch chupe hue raaz bhi khol do.. shud include names of gud frnds(u must have understood kiska)... aur itna din ho gaya sirf 2 compositions more... apart 4m ur "pagal samjho"... neways dont take critics to heart.. it was a nice piece...

  15. My dear puneet...This page is called "About Myself", so everything in this page will be about me only...n u say,"all praise for oneself"..Why should i praise someone else in this section...Dude plzz chk the title out first whenever u visit the blog next..Anyways thanx for ur comment...

    Thank you all for all the comments...Plzz keep on commenting...

  16. Bhai bohot achha laga..quite beautiful...its good to see that u have put ur compositions here...
    and plzz make one on my behalf bcoz u know i really don't have enough time for blogging...infact i don't know how to make one...Btw the theme is really good bcoz its green n u know its my favorite color...and about first composition "Awara Samjho" - its really good but plzzz never ever try to sing it(u know why..??)..1 more thing, if possible make one change n thats ur profile pic...

  17. yeh nw datz a composition ....
    there r sme ppl who rytz abt the coutri also.. n m vry lucky dat barun bhaiya s 1 f them ...well hatts off bhaiya!!
    yeh datz tru "koi terrorist ....beep...button dabake yeh decide nahi karega ki hum jiyenge yah marenge".......